A New Method for Hypersilyl Aromatic Compounds

Lesbani, Aldes and Hitoshi, Kondo and J-I, Sato and Yoshinori, Yamanoi and Hiroshi, Nishihara A New Method for Hypersilyl Aromatic Compounds. Synfact.

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    ncorporation of the tris(trimethyl- silyl) group, known as hypersilyl group, into p-con- jugated compounds is a promising strategy for the development of unique optoelectronic materials. This super-sterically demanding functionality can not only suppress p–p stacking, which often leads to emission quenching, but also offers effective s–p conjugation with adjacent p-electron systems. Nevertheless, synthetic methods for hypersilylat- ed compounds have been quite limited, which of- ten accompany cleavage of weak Si–Si s-bonds. Herein, the authors communicate the palladium- catalyzed cross-coupling of tris(trimethyl)silane with aryl iodides to provide hypersilylated aromatic compounds, leaving the Si–Si bonds intact. Fur- thermore, they show that other hydrooligosilanes are applicable to this reaction.

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