The Palembang Sultanate: The Relationship between Sultan MahmudBadaruddin I and Sultan Ahmad Najamuddin I and The Indonesian Archipelago (Beginning Study)

Farida, Farida (2013) The Palembang Sultanate: The Relationship between Sultan MahmudBadaruddin I and Sultan Ahmad Najamuddin I and The Indonesian Archipelago (Beginning Study). Documentation. Pusat Sejarah Brunei. (Submitted)

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      This beginning study would like to discuss about “how was the relationship which Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin I and Sultan Ahmad Najamuddin II had with the other kingdoms in the archipelago and Southeast Asia”. From the long history of the Palembang Sultanate, it was showed that since its early establishment, this kingdom has had relationship –especially through marriage bond, with other regions in the archipelago (Bangka and Jambi). During the reign of Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin I, there was a closed relationship with Siantan because of the marriage of the Sultan and a princess of Siantan. This marriage not only led on the relationship between two kingdoms, Palembang Sultanate and Siantan Kingdom but also Johor Kingdom. Therefore, Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin I got more power to capture Palembang and opened a tin mine in Bangka island. From this mine –which was firstly managed by the Sultan’s father in law (Wan Akub), Palembang became a major producer of tin in Southeast Asia and even in the world. The mine gave a great benefit for the Sultanate so that it grew as a very important sultanate at that time. Besides his first married with a princess of Siantan, Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin I also got married with a princess of Bugis (in the 17th century the Bugis mariners controlled over the western part of the archipelago waterways). Broadening area and strengthening power through marriage was also done by Sultan Ahmad Najamuddin I. From the local chronicle, it was noted that the Sultan married a princess of Brunei, Masayu Kedaton (Masayu=very valuable, Kedaton=palace, meaning= a very valuable princess). Pangeran Surawijaya Syamsuddin was born from this marriage, furthermore he had a daughter named Raden Ayu Ber[q-l-y] Panembahan Ilman Hani. The princess got married with a brother of Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II, namely Panembahan Bupati Hanim (a grandchild of Sultan Ahmad Najamuddin I). Obviously, it was an inter-royal family marriage, however it was a customary happening in the sultanate. Furthermore, Raden Ayu Kusuma Naqqiyyah was born from this marriage. Inevitably, various inter-island and inter-nation marriage which have been shown above created an integrity. It must be considered by the young generations in order to recreate a closed relationship

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