Perilaku Ekonomi Rumahtangga Petani Karet di Prabumulih dalam Alokasi Tenaga Kerja, Produksi dan Konsumsi

Husin, Laila and Sari, Dwi Wulan Perilaku Ekonomi Rumahtangga Petani Karet di Prabumulih dalam Alokasi Tenaga Kerja, Produksi dan Konsumsi. [Experiment] (Submitted)

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    The Purposes of this research are to : (1) analyze the allocation of the working time of farm household members, (2) analyze the production, income and expenditure of farm households, and (3) analyze the economic behaviour of farm households (in working time, production and consumption) in Prabumulih. To answer the first and second purposes used the descriptive analysis of data tabulation, and to answer the third purpose used econometric model and then analyzed by using two stage least squares (2SLS) method. The results show that (1) the allocation of farm household working time can be used for rubber farm, non rubber farm, and for non farm activities, which are the highest time allocation for rubber farm (77.71%), and then for non-rubber farm (15.27%) and the lowest for non-farm activities (7.02 %); (2) the average rubber production (2.103 kg/ha/year) is still lower than national average production (2,500 kg/ha/year), the average rubber income is Rp 30,616,736 per year or Rp 2,551,395 per month can cover the the average household expenditure (Rp 27.587.623 per year); (3) the total farm household income is Rp 32,124,275 per year or Rp 2,677,923 per month, where the largest contribution is come from rubber income (95.31%), the rest from non-rubber farming (2.88%) and non-farming activities (1.81%); (4) the average farm household expenditure is Rp 27,587,623, where the largest portion for food consumption (51.71%), non-food consumption (34.43%) and only 12.86 percents used for savings; (5) The farm household working time behaviour is affected by total expenditure, size of rubber area, non-rubber area, rubber farm income and the number of small children; (6) The farm household production behaviour is affected by the size of rubber area, non-rubber area, the allocation of family working time on rubber farm, the using of fertilizers and pesticides; (7) the consumption behaviour is influenced by total household income, the family working time allocation in rubber farm and the number of household members, (8) Several variables (rubber income, total expenditure and size of non rubber area) are elastic responsed by total working time variable, and variables (total income and food consumption) are elastic responsed by family expenditure variable. Keywords: rubber farm household, economic behavior, working time, production,income, consumption

    Item Type: Experiment
    Subjects: S Agriculture > S Agriculture (General)
    Divisions: Faculty of Agriculture > Department of Agribusiness
    Depositing User: DR LAILA HUSIN
    Date Deposited: 26 Mar 2013 15:03
    Last Modified: 26 Mar 2013 15:03

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