Gasification of Lignite by Microwaved Steam

Bustan, M. Djoni (2011) Gasification of Lignite by Microwaved Steam. 16thASEAN Regional Symposium on Chemical Engineering. ISSN ISSN: 2094 - 3660

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    Within the next 20 years, the production of oil and natural gas are expected to decrease and their cost is expected to increase continuously. Renewable energy sources will not be able to cover the total energr, demand in the world; some countries will replace oil and natural gas with nuclear energyrwhile others with coal. There fore, it is important to develop coal technologies, which are clean and efficient. Coal syngas has beer. widely used both in eneru and chemical feedstock, Gasification process is a very slow reaction and needs high temperature, i.e. at least 1000,C minimum to have excellent gasification. Use of microwave energy in increasing gasification yields and reaction rates is of considerable interest since it will influence the reactivity of steam, and even supply endothermic heat of reaction from free radical eneru. The effect of microwave discharge on coal gasification had been studied in order to reduce temperature of the operation and achieved high conversion of coal. There are some characteristics of microwave energy that wi:1 speed up free extreme reactive radical formation. It will also reduce energy consumption in comparison with conventional coal gasification process. Irradiation time and steam flowrate were prominent variables in this research. Experinienta] result showed that 70% syngas was yiekted. for 6 minutes of microwave irradiation time and 2 L min steam flowrate which Ile/CCI is 1.9 - 2.2.

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